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Christmas Card Delivery 2015
Christmas Card Delivery 2015

Remembrance Parade 2015
Remembrance Parade 2015

Seven Sisters Stroll Flier + Route
Overland 2016
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JOTI Jamboree On The Internet
JOTI Jamboree On The Internet 2015
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Arapaho Beaver Colony 12 November 2015 Beacon Cubs 12 November 2015 King Scout Troop 12 November 2015 Blackfeet Beaver Colony 9 November 2015 Chapman Scouts 9 Nov 2015 Sketches and Campfire A large number of King Troop and Tullis Explorers helped with the Danorlan Park Fireworks Display. Tullis Explorers Ready Steady Cook Something Tullis Explorers Ready Steady Cook Something Chapman Scouts 2 Nov 2015 Halloween Crowborough Autumn Camp 2015 Broadstone Campsite 10 October 2015 Crowborough Autumn Camp 2015 Broadstone Campsite 10 October 2015 Crowborough Autumn Camp 2015 Broadstone Campsite 10 October 2015 Crowborough Autumn Camp 2015 Broadstone Campsite 10 October 2015 Crowborough Autumn Camp 2015 Broadstone Campsite 10 October 2015 Crowborough Autumn Camp 2015 Broadstone Campsite 10 October 2015 Tullis Explorers Downsman Competition 2015
Crowborough Scout Group is one of the largest and one of the oldest and largest Scouting Groups in the UK, starting in 1908 one year after Robert Baden-Powell started the Scout Movement. There are over 300 members! Arapaho Beaver Scouts, Blackfeet Beaver Scouts and Cheyenne Beaver Scouts have children of the age 6 years and 7 years. Warren Cub Pack, Forest Cub Pack and Beacon Cub Pack have youths of the age 8 years to 10 years with Akela in charge. Chapman Troop, King Troop and Southon Troop have teenager boys and girls from the age of 11 years to 14 years. They then join Tullis Explorers until they are 18 when they often join as leaders.
1st Crowborough Scouts is in Ashdown District which is in East Sussex, England, UK.
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Young girls and boys in Scouting gain so much more than sports clubs can give,
because they develop physically, mentally and acquire social skills they use for the rest of their lives,
while having an enormous amount of fun doing it.

Crowborough's youth, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, join us and achieve many badges and do a wide range of activities.
The Scout Group is made up of
Beacon Cub Pack, Warren Cub Pack, Forest Cub Pack, Southon Scout Troop, Chapman Scout Troop, King Scout Troop, Arapaho Beaver Colony, Blackfeet Beaver Colony, Cheyenne Beaver Colony, Tullis Explorers are part of the Ashdown District and Scouts from all over the District join.
If you want to find us look at the link to the
Crowborough Map, we are 35 miles (56 kilometres) from London.
Gang Shows are brilliant and photos were displayed in the Sussex Courier. Activities are for the youngsters of Crowborough. Crowborough Scout Group has a tradition of producing Scout Shows and Gang Shows over the past 80 years.
Every weekend there are events in addition to the exciting and very varied programme in the evenings.
Southon and
Chapman Scouts Troops are Frank Southon and Mr Chapman who started the 1st Crowborough Scout Troop in1908.
King Troop is named after John (Skip) King who has been active with the group for over 70 years.
Peter Harvey is the group scout leader.
Terry Moon is chairman of the group executive. All of society’s adolescent kids are welcome.
Crowborough Scouts take part in the prestigious
Overland competition which is reckoned to be the most challenging competition hike in the South East of England, Southon Scouts won in 2014.
Crowborough Scouts enter the
Downsman competition which they won in 2005.
The other Cub leaders names are Shere Khan, the tiger, Akela, the wolf leader, Hathi the elephant, Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther, Bandarlog the monkeys, Chil the kite, Kaa the python, Nag the cobra, Rikki-tikki-tavi the Mongoose, Ko the crow and Tabaqui the jackal.
Ahmeek is the Indian name for Beaver and is often the Beaver Leaders name.
Beaver scouts, Cub scouts, Scout scouts and Explorer scouts all meet at 1st Crowborough
Scout Groups headquarters in Whitehill Road, Crowborough.
Cubs and Scouts go doing adventurous activities.
1st Crowborough Scout Group has close links with our Dutch Scout friends in
Maarssen, near Utrecht, Holland, Netherlands.
The Explorer Scout unit that meets in Crowborough is named Tullis after Julie Tullis the famous mountaineer from Crowborough.
Crowborough is sometimes misspelt as Crowborogh or Crowborow or Crowboro or Crow Borough or Crow Burrow and so you will not find these in a dictionary or wikipedia.
Beaver Colony is sometimes wrongly spelt as Beever Colony. Other sections are sometimes searched for as Black Feet Beavers, Cheyene Beavers, Beecon Cubs, Forrest Cubs, Waren Cubs, Hemans Scouts and Tulis Explorers.
The Scouts often go out on a widegame (wide game) on Ashdown Forest.
Scouts are crackerjack, there is no gobbledygook.
The Scout Headquarters has a Ross Room and a Kirby Room.
All the young people occasionally play indoor versions of Football and Rugby they have very wide variant of Games.
We regularly do Pioneering and build a massive assault course each year.
Climbing in Crowborough is at
Evolution and Harrisons Rocks. We do the Christmas Card Delivery around Crowborough and Jarvis Brook each year. There are links from the home page to various Crowborough Maps. First Aid training is a regular activity.
Crowborough is the largest inland town in East Sussex, Winnie the Pooh territory. Crowborough is 800ft (240m) above sea level.
It is found in historical documents as Croweborowghe, Crohbergh, Crowbergh, Crowboro and Crowbarrow.
Croh is the Old English 'croh', meaning the colour of saffron, golden-yellow colour and 'bergh' means hill. Crowborough Beacon is the highest point in the South East, visible for miles around, with yellow gorse flowers most of the year round.
Therefore the origin of the name Crowborough is probably 'a golden coloured hill'.
Crowborough beavers, Crowborough cubs, Crowborough Scouts and Crowborough explorers are famous for their adventures. Crowborough Scout Group provides events for the children of Crowborough, these activities include Canoeing, Sailing, Hillwalking, Backpacking, Mountaineering, Climbing, Camping, Pioneering, Hiking, forestry, air activities, archery, go karts, raft races, soapbox derby, night hikes, sleepovers, awakeovers, formal meals, cycling and bushcraft.
The nearest and largest Scout camp site is
Broadstone Warren which we frequently use as an excellent resource.
The members of the group also attend Beacon Community College, St John's Church of England School, Herne County Junior School, Ashdown Primary School, St Mary's Catholoic Primary School and Sir Henry Fermor School.
All the web pages play mp3 music chosen to match the theme of each page, although you can disable the sounds by clicking the music box top left of the page.
1st cub Crowborough scout group, Crowborough scout group and Crowborough cub group are phrases people frequently use to find this Crowborough web site.
Explorer scouts were previously called venture scouts, they are still adventure scouts.
More parents volunteer their time. Many females now join scouts instead of Rainbows, Brownies, Girl Guides and Rangers for the activities and adventure.
Camping and adventure are the important parts of Crowborough's Scouting.
Scouts recently rediscovered the
Crowborough Caves.
Crowborough Map and Crowborough Satellite Map.
If you are a parent then contact us to put your child or infant on the waiting list.
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