Different Types of Activities Organized By Scouts Clubs

Joining a scouts club is always a great learning opportunity for students and go beyond the conventional classroom theories. Scouting can be referred to as an umbrella of activities that help in the spiritual, physical and mental development of the participants. It is all about building your confidence and self-esteem and learning life skills in the process. Scouts clubs generally impart their teachings through a variety of activities. The agenda of each of these activities is like sometimes it can be about team building or about survival skills and many more. A list of few of the events carried out by the scouts' clubs is given below.

  • Camping: A vital activity that is a part of every scout's club is camping. There are in general three types of camping trips that are organised by the clubs. The first in the list is a troop or patrol camping. These are generally organised as a weekend trip to someplace not very far from home. Then we have the resident camps usually lasting for a week. Lastly, there are the high adventure camping events which give you the opportunity to participate in challenging Scouting events. Some of the activities undertaken during these camps include hiking, outdoor cooking, backpacking, mountain biking and many more.

  • Sports: Maintaining physical fitness is an essential aspect for every scout and to maintain the same they are involved in a variety of sports. The list of such sporting activities undertaken by the scouts' clubs includes kayaking, rowing, skateboarding, zip lining, swimming, canoeing and more.

  • STEM: Scouting is not only about physical activities like camping or swimming etc. There is more to it like working on the intellectual development as well. There are many programs organised through which the scouts learn about various aspects of science, technology, engineering and maths.

Scouting is considered to be a challenging program which imparts both fun and knowledge. It can provide the perfect opportunity for the youngsters to learn survival skills and overcome obstacles.