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Welcome to Arapaho Beavers we meet on Thursday evenings.

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6 Dec 2015 14:30:00 UTC+0000 Carol Concert 6 Dec

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Christmas Card Delivery 2015
Christmas Card Delivery 2015
Arapaho Beaver Colony 12 November 2015 Remembrance Parade 2015
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1st Crowborough Arapaho Beaver Scouts are an active Beaver Colony with loads of activities for beaver scouts. Many weekends there are events in addition to the exciting and very varied programme in the evenings. Arapaho Beavers colony started in 1987 the first Beaver colony to start in the 1st Crowborough Group and one of the first to start in the country, UK!. 1st Crowborough Scout Group which is located in Ashdown District. Ashdown District is in East Sussex in the south east of England in the UK. Chapman Troop, King Troop and Southon Troop have young people from the age of 11 years to 13 years. Arapaho Beaver Scouts, Blackfeet Beaver Scouts and Cheyenne Beaver Scouts have children of the age from 6 years to 7 years. Warren, Forest and Beacon Cub Packs have youths of the age from 8 years to 10 years. Activities for the youth of Crowborough. Beavers gain badges on a very wide range of subjects. Southon Scout troop has a heavy metal rock band named Southon Rox band. Crowborough Scout Group has a tradition of producing Scout Shows and Gang Shows over the past 80 years. Cubs and Scouts go camping and there are loads of adventure doing the OUT in ScOUTing. The 1st Crowborough magazine and news paper is called Whitehill Whispers. Crowborough Scouts take part in the prestigious Overland competition which is reckoned to be the most challenging competition in the south east of England. Blackfeet Beavers are named after an American Indian tribe and they have black feet as their logo. Crowborough Scouts take part in the Downsman competition which they won in 2005. 1st Crowborough Scout Group have close links with our Dutch Scout friends in Maarssen, near Utrecht, Holland, Netherlands. The Explorer unit that meets in Crowborough and has explorers from all over Ashdown District is named Tullis after Julie Tullis the famous mountaineer from Crowborough. . .The cub packs are called Beacon Cub Scouts, Warren Cub Scouts and Forest Cub Scouts. 1st Crowborough Scout Band is located at Crowborough Scout Headquarters. Crowborough is sometimes misspelt as Crowborow or Crowborogh or Crowboro.. The other Scout Troops are called Chapman Troop and Hemens Troop. The beaver colonies are called Blackfeet Beaver Scouts, Arapaho Beaver Scouts and Cheyenne beaver Scouts._ Scouting in Crowborough is located at the Crowborough Scout Headquarters in Whitehill Road, Crowborough. You may ask what is a group of beavers called? Well the answer is they are a colony..

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