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Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006
Southon Scouts entered a team into the Soap Box Derby 2006 on the 25th June.
The team came second in most of the races because the wheels fell off and they borrowed another kart where the wheels kept on bending round.
Well done to George, Dom, Max and Charlie.
Everyone had great fun though and the team are already planning to build a better Soapbox cart for next year
Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006
The leaders race.
Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006
Buxted won the Soapbox derby being the fastest! Groombridge won the constructors trophy for the best design.
Soap Box Derby 2006 Soap Box Derby 2006
Thanks to Merlin Beedell for organising the event so brilliantly.

Wadhurst scouts invite all Ashdown District scout troops to the first Soap Box Derby challenge!

While details are still being honed and polished, the general thrust is as follows: It will take place on Sunday 25th June, starting at 10:30am for an 11am first race. Races will be held on a three-tennis-courts size playground next to the Uplands School Sports Centre, Wadhurst. This has the luxury of the Sports Centre for loos and refreshments (and a decent Gym), but also on the other side is the Greyhound Public House, for more civilised refreshments. I have been assured that several straw bales will be available to soften the corners, for any inaccurate drivers. I am hope to finish at about 1 or 2pm.

I aim to hold team races, two or three teams racing at a time. At least 2 races per team. Teams will be 4 scouts, in a relay format - one scout 'driving' in the go-cart, one scout pushing the cart, the other two scouts in the team 'pit stop'. Once the cart reaches the pit stop, the scouts change places - so that after 4 laps all scouts will have had a chance to drive and to push. If time permits, a leaders race may also happen..

The carts should be 'home grown' - i.e. they should not just be a baby push chair or child's wheel chair; some form of construction should be attempted. If the carts were once peddle powered, then the chain should be removed and a handle added for pushing the machine along. The aim is to get dads and scouts involved in the making of it. Obviously, a prize will be awarded for the most wondrous machine to grace the track on the day! It must be noted that the carts will undergo quite a bit of stress, and should be made to BS4251 standards and be kite marked to prove their ability to withstand scout abuse at speed.

For obvious reasons, safety is of paramount importance. Cycle crash hats must be worn by the racers, as well as suitable gloves (i.e. not woolly ones) and clothes (clean undies are essential). To cover for hire of facilities and prizes etc. I am estimating a team entry fee of £10 (e.g. £2.50 per scout). Bring a few drinks, sarnies and energy bars - though the sports centre/pub would love you to visit them too. And a directors style chair to catch the action in comfort. Oh, and you can bring something nice for me too, 'cos I'm a nice kinda guy and surely deserve it. There should be space for a radio-controlled car area. So if you have one, then do bring it. = WANTED = What I need is a reasonable estimate of the number of teams.

So please reply to this email with the number of teams you think you troop will submit. - and pass this mail on to leaders that I may have missed. How many qualified first-aiders will be attending on the day - if enough then we may not need to get extras. Marketing/Advertising etc. production & materials: - A few posters to send to the district troops to decorate their scout hut walls - It would be nice to decorate the race area with colourful Scouting banners Start / Finish posts & banner Race flags (aunties bloomers on a stick may raise a laugh, if suitably colourful). Offers of help, i.e. how many adults will be there on the day, and if they have done this sort of thing before. Well, that's all I can think of for the moment. Merlin Beedell 07876 226865 (new mobile no. with pictures and all that stuff)

1st Stoyfold Scout troop have suggested the following design.
Soapbox Kart design, possible plan for a Soap Box cart Driving in my car Madness
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